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I am known as the nation's non attorney legal analyst with a sincere passion for researching and publicizing wrongful convictions and grave injustices. 

I am most notably recognized for volunteer work in freeing The Mississippi Scott Sisters. My resume encompasses numerous measurable results brought about with legal analysis, grassroots organizing and social networking for justice. I am a pioneer in using legal applications and social networking tools in bringing issues of grave injustices to "light". 

As a third generation public school teacher, I followed the tradition of creating "outside the box" teaching strategies for students "labeled" learning disabled. My consciousness and disapproval of the "school to prison pipeline" led to work with juvenile delinquents. 

As a Reader's Digest DeWitt Wallace Fellow to Bread Loaf School Of English, I collaborated with The Bread Loaf Rural Teacher Network to create and implement writing and technology in rural public schools. I currently hold a Master of Jurisprudence but, would be of more service to the community as an attorney. 

This coming fall, 2013, I will begin law school (J.D.) with goals of becoming A People's Lawyer, specializing in wrongful convictions. I am asking for financial assistance from you to begin this expensive endeavor. All contributions are greatly appreciated and may be made via the fundraising link -

 Nancy Lockhart. Thank You!