Assisting Your Friends or Loved Ones With A Wrongful Conviction

America turns its head to those who are incarcerated, especially those considered as brutal and thoughtless. The average American believes that the justice system is perfect and would never incarcerate those who are innocent. This line of logic is grossly inconsistent with reality, as thousands of formerly incarcerated inmates have been freed by DNA-evidence only. Our justice system is failing day by day, minute by minute. One wrongful conviction is one-too-many, and numbers are escalating well into the tens of thousands. Adequate legal representation is available to those who are able to pay; those who cannot, however, suffer. Consequently, inadequate legal representation mostly leads to an inevitable unjust verdict. ~ Excerpt ~ The Poor Are Enslaved In America's Prisons as published in Dissident Voice - By Nancy Lockhart, M.J.

Has your Loved One been convicted of a crime that he/she is not guilty of?
Snitch/Informants, Witness Coercion, Inadequate Lawyers, Police Misconduct are all a few causes of guilty verdicts in wrongful convictions.
Have you called and written letters until you've run out of places to request assistance?
Social Justice Agencies, News Papers, Membership Organizations and Mainstream Media, have probably not responded to your requests for assistance.
Have you applied to Innocence Projects for Assistance?
Innocence projects are overwhelmed with applications from inmates and many lack adequate funding. Oftentimes, DNA evidence is not available in wrongful convictions and applications are denied for that reason.

If you have answered yes, to one or more of the above questions, organizing in support of your wrongfully convicted friend or loved one is a MUST!

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