Slick Con Artist Scamming Prisoners Families: Esteban Rogelio Garcia aka Texas Writ Writer

"...Today I came across a very serious post. One of my friends who is also active in prison reform stated she had been scammed- actually robbed of $8,000. The man she trusted to HELP her and her husband turned out to be a fraud. After much investigating what she discovered  is more than alarming. I am going to post her findings here. Its all about truth and anyone that knows me, knows I will expose the fraudsters that prey on others. I absolutely despise people that target and take  advantage of others.
It seems that prisoners and their families are easy targets. After dealing with the criminal justice system, they are vulnerable, dismayed, confused, hurt and angry. They need and want help. Most they are desperate. Its not easy having a loved one locked up. The families are treated like criminals,  simply because of their association to a prisoner. When they seek help and reach out, it is usually a very serious issue that must be addressed immediately and properly. Its a damn shame when a scammer enters the picture and begins the routine- it starts with many promises and ends only with the family in more pain, and much money lost. Esteban Rogelio Garcia is is a predator. Using the name of  “Texas Writ Writers Association” one would think he is totally above board. Using Christianity and God is one of his hooks. After all, a man purporting strong faith would never harm others, right?"