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I am known as the nation's non attorney legal analyst with a sincere passion for researching and publicizing wrongful convictions and grave injustices. 

I am most notably recognized for volunteer work in freeing The Mississippi Scott Sisters. My resume encompasses numerous measurable results brought about with legal analysis, grassroots organizing and social networking for justice. I am a pioneer in using legal applications and social networking tools in bringing issues of grave injustices to "light". 

As a third generation public school teacher, I followed the tradition of creating "outside the box" teaching strategies for students "labeled" learning disabled. My consciousness and disapproval of the "school to prison pipeline" led to work with juvenile delinquents. 

As a Reader's Digest DeWitt Wallace Fellow to Bread Loaf School Of English, I collaborated with The Bread Loaf Rural Teacher Network to create and implement writing and technology in rural public schools. I currently hold a Master of Jurisprudence but, would be of more service to the community as an attorney. 

This coming fall, 2013, I will begin law school (J.D.) with goals of becoming A People's Lawyer, specializing in wrongful convictions. I am asking for financial assistance from you to begin this expensive endeavor. All contributions are greatly appreciated and may be made via the fundraising link -

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A hoodie, ten bucks and train ticket - Leaving Illinois Prisons

A hoodie, ten bucks and train ticket Every year, 33,000 men and women leave Illinois prisons with few possessions but lots of baggage. 

Janet Hubert's Response To Wendy Williams

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 Janet Hubert's Response To Wendy Williams
Dear Wiggy, (I mean Wendy)
Recently on your show, you felt the need to finally as you say it put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don't even remember why I departed.
Wiggy… William…whatever you are supposed to be, I am not quite sure really, I am writing you yet again to appeal to your sense of womanhood, or manhood as some suggest, to simply shut your mouth about things that you know nothing of.

I watched your horrible show to see dear Tatyana Ali, sadly to say fall into your trap, even brought personal pictures of our wonderful days on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Most people watch you just to see what heinous things, your mouth… which I compare to an over flowing volcano, will spew forth on that day.

Now perhaps other black women have allowed you to berate them and will continue to support you in this manner of madness, of rewarding hatefulness. It seems to have become the norm and has taken over our society.

But I… Janet Hubert, who have vowed to try and not do this ever again (God forgive me) sat there and watched you tell the world that I was not the nice mother. I sat there and watched you, like some kind of devilish sinkhole swallow up Tatyana Ali, reduced her to a child sitting there attempting to keep some semblance of dignity about her as you pried and invaded her life until you got what you wanted. You are a demon Wendy…you are a wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman, simply put Wendy… you are a virus… and you are not, nor have ever been a true woman.
Your audience thirsts for the blood of others as they are prompted, to clap, hoot, and holler at your garish shoes, wigs and clothing. You will have stars on your show and demean them before they even make it back home.

Who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so damn bad you would kill for it, and you will kill anyone to achieve success. You will never be another Oprah, Oprah lifted her audience up; she exuded an air of class.

But you Wendy, you are not even in my league, this is so beneath me to even bother with someone like you, but you asked for it, so here you are.

You will not destroy all the hard work that I went through in the last decade to clear my good name. I simply put will not allow you to do so. I am a lady and a real one, Wendy…you just messed with the wrong sister. 

I am a classically trained actress…funny for all that you and the world claim I have done, I should have had my own show like you… correct, because there is nothing I could have ever done in this lifetime in my career that could equal the vulgarity, and ugliness, and hatred that you spew in one single day.
Here is my advice to you Wendy…learn to sit in a chair and stop fidgeting with yourself on camera, wipe your giant teeth off camera…put sweat pit pads under your arms…if your sweater is pulling honey until there are lines across your chest… it is too tight. Take that fake ass blond hair off your head or stop playing the race card, cause you are coming off like a wanna be white girl who will never be white.
I have never seen anything except for the hogs I used to feed before school, slobber at the mere sight of food so I even question your humanness. I have never seen such a display of self hatred Wendy. Just a couple of more suggestions to you…stop dissing all of us who have embraced our natural hair as I and many others have, and yes Wendy it does belong on the red carpet, whether you like it or not. I feel so sorry for you… sitting on your big footed tacky throne everyday while millions of people laugh at you…not with you…there is a big difference. Nobody cares what you think about their lives, but we do care about what you put out there about us. My heart saddens at how women especially black women have embraced your evil after all our struggles in society. You and your kind have set us back at least 100 years.

How dare you chastise anyone when you are such a travesty?
Now take that… chew it my dear... and stick it on your (Lord have mercy you are disgusting) ridden gum wall.

Slick Con Artist Scamming Prisoners Families: Esteban Rogelio Garcia aka Texas Writ Writer

"...Today I came across a very serious post. One of my friends who is also active in prison reform stated she had been scammed- actually robbed of $8,000. The man she trusted to HELP her and her husband turned out to be a fraud. After much investigating what she discovered  is more than alarming. I am going to post her findings here. Its all about truth and anyone that knows me, knows I will expose the fraudsters that prey on others. I absolutely despise people that target and take  advantage of others.
It seems that prisoners and their families are easy targets. After dealing with the criminal justice system, they are vulnerable, dismayed, confused, hurt and angry. They need and want help. Most they are desperate. Its not easy having a loved one locked up. The families are treated like criminals,  simply because of their association to a prisoner. When they seek help and reach out, it is usually a very serious issue that must be addressed immediately and properly. Its a damn shame when a scammer enters the picture and begins the routine- it starts with many promises and ends only with the family in more pain, and much money lost. Esteban Rogelio Garcia is is a predator. Using the name of  “Texas Writ Writers Association” one would think he is totally above board. Using Christianity and God is one of his hooks. After all, a man purporting strong faith would never harm others, right?"

TN Police beat Inmate and puts him in The Hospital With Broken Bones!

 "A surveillance video obtained by Channel 3 of a confrontation between Chattanooga Police and federal inmate Adam Tatum has prompted a news conference Thursday morning. The confrontation between Chattanooga Police and federal inmate Adam Tatum at the Salvation Army's halfway house last June that put Tatum in the hospital with broken bones and got Officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley fired for use of excessive force. Tatum's attorney, Robin Flores, obtained the video through court order from the Hamilton County District Attorney General's office. He's seeking to have Tatum's convictions thrown out, after Tatum pleaded guilty to assaulting the officers. "We counted at least 200 blows, 200 individual blows," says Tatum's attorney, Robin Flores. "They were dragging him by his broken leg."" - WRCBTV

Police brutality: South African police drag man, who later dies

They bound his hands to the rear of a van, and then sped off, dragging the slender taxi driver along the pavement as a crowd of onlookers shouted in dismay. The man was later found dead. A gut-wrenching video of the scene is all the more disturbing because the men who abused the Mozambican immigrant were uniformed South African police officers and the van was a marked police vehicle. The graphic scenes of the victim struggling for his life shocked a nation long accustomed to reports of police violence. "The visuals of the incident are horrific, disturbing and unacceptable. No human being should be treated in that manner," said South African President Jacob Zuma. The Daily Sun, a South African newspaper, posted video the footage Thursday and it was quickly picked up by other South African news outlets and carried on the Internet. It sparked immediate outrage about police behavior. "They are there for safety, but we as a people fear them more," said Johannesburg resident Alfonso Adams. "You don't know who to trust anymore." Some of those in the crowd who watched the scene unfold in the Daveyton township east of Johannesburg shouted at the police and warned that it was being videotaped. The police did not seem at all concerned by all the witnesses and the presence of cameras as they tied Mido Macia, a 27-year-old from neighboring Mozambique, to the back of a police vehicle, his hands behind his head. At least three policemen participated in the incident. Macia was found dead in a Daveyton police cell late Tuesday. "We are going to film this," several onlookers shouted in Zulu as the police tormented Macia. One bystander can be heard on the videotape shouting in Zulu: "What has this guy done?"


Two Men raped "The Little Girl" (possibly over a period of time), an additional man tortured her. These men have not been charged or arrested by The Athens, Georgia Police Department. It is rumored that another child has been raped by one or more of the same perpetrators.

The Little Girl gave graphic details about what happened. Details that only a rape victim could have given. She was interviewed by The Cottage, Sexual Assault Center & Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. a 5013c whose mission statement says "The Cottage provides intervention, advocacy, referrals and support for survivors and families impacted by child abuse and sexual assault..." North Georgia Cottage

Click Below For Additional Information On The Little Girl

Get involved !!

Warren Ballentine fights for his 'good name'

BY GEORGE CURRY NNPA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | LAST UPDATED: FEB 11, 2013 - (NNPA) - Syndicated radio talk show host Warren Ballentine did not knowingly participate in a scheme to defraud mortgage lenders of $9.7 million and is innocent of all charges filed against him in connection with the scam, his attorneys said.
In separate telephone interviews with the NNPA News Service, Harvard Law Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. and Lewis Myers, Jr., a well-known attorney in Chicago, said they expect Mr. Ballentine to be fully vindicated.
Warren Ballentine says that he is innocent.Photo credit: Ann Ragland/NNPA
“I have no doubt at all,” Prof. Ogletree said. “This is not a close case—we will win. But it doesn’t matter now because all that is in the press is, ‘Celebrity Lawyer involved in $10 Million Scam.’ ”
The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, based in Chicago, announced in late January that Mr. Ballentine had been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly engaging in two mortgage fraud schemes, one from Dec. 2004 to Feb. 2005 and another one from Feb. 2005 to May 2006.

“The defendant, Warren Ballentine, allegedly schemed with others to obtain more than two dozen fraudulent mortgage loans and represented buyers of multiple closings, knowing that they were fraudulently qualified for loans to purchase homes in Chicago and various southern suburbs,” a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office said.
Mr. Ballentine, 41, who was born on the South Side of Chicago, lived in Country Club Hills, Ill., before moving to Durham, N.C. He was charged with two counts of bank fraud, two counts of making false statements to lenders, one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud. Each count carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

He was scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in Chicago on Feb. 12, where he was expected to enter a not guilty plea.

Before Mr. Ballentine was provided an opportunity to tell his side of the story in court, Reach Media canceled his popular radio show, which has been nationally syndicated since 2007.
Marty Raab, a company spokesman, said by e-mail, “I can share that effective today Thursday January 31st, 2013, The Warren Ballentine Show has been replaced with Trending Today. Warren Ballentine is no longer with Reach Media.” Radio One owns 80 percent of Reach Media, which was started by radio personality Tom Joyner.

Mr. Raab refused to explain why Reach Media dropped the show rather than suspend Mr. Ballentine, pending the outcome of the legal proceedings. He also refused to say why the company ended Mr. Ballentine’s show before he even appears in court to enter a plea.
Mr. Ballentine’s lawyers would not allow him to be interviewed prior to the conclusion of legal proceedings against him. However, the former talk show host posted on his Facebook account: “To all of you who are showing support thank you!! Im innocent!!!!! I may be off the air for now but Im going to fight to clear my name. All I can say is this reach media and radio one just through [sic] me away like I was garbage…”

In another Facebook posting, Mr. Ballentine said, “PLEASE PRAY FOR ME for I may lose everything I worked so hard for because of someone else’s lies. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.”
Those who know Mr. Ballentine say he is an astute negotiator who would not engage in illegal activity, especially at the risk of losing his lawyer’s license and earning the standard $200-$500 per real estate closing while others were making millions.

Mr. Myers, the Chicago attorney, said: “I know how people like Bobbie Brown and Wanda Rivera-Burton (two key participants in the schemes) can just run this thing through the mill. The irony of it is you can get decent, innocent citizens caught up in this, not with any criminal intent, maybe through lack of vigilance that may have been warranted, but not the level where it should rise to criminal conduct.”

According to the federal indictments, Bobbie L. Brown, Jr., Wanda Rivera-Burton and more than 30 others operated a crime ring that included attorneys, tax preparers, mortgage brokers, loan officers, notaries, homebuilders, and fake home buyers in Nevada, California and Illinois.

In order to obtain more than 150 fraudulent mortgage loans, prosecutors say:
• People were solicited to pose as buyers purchasing a house at no money down to serve as their primary residence; they would make similar representations later when purchasing additional homes;
• False documents were created to help applicants qualify for loans, including untrue statements about applicant’s employment, income, assets as well as false tax returns;
• False verification systems were created to purportedly verify rent, leases, deposits and money in bank accounts;
• Home builders and sellers would agree to inflate the purchase price, with finder’s fees or real estate commissions ranging from 5 to 30 percent of sale price going to Brown and others;
• Some property would be purchased by using stolen Social Security numbers and other stolen ID;
• Homebuyers recruited for the scheme were told the homes would be rented out for a year and then re-sold at which time their names would be removed from the deed. They were told they wouldn’t have to make any mortgage payments in the meantime;
• After buyers failed to make payments, the houses went into foreclosure.
Most of those charged in the scheme have been convicted and sentenced to prison.
Federal prosecutors identified Bobbie L. Brown, Jr., who operated several businesses, including Chicago Global Investments, Inc. and B&M Custom Homes, Inc., as the chief organizer of the scheme. He pleaded guilty to mail, wire and bank fraud and was sentenced two years ago to 20 years in federal prison. Mr. Brown was Mr. Ballentine’s next door neighbor in Country Club Hills, a suburb south of Chicago.
Mr. Ballentine, who specialized in criminal defense, family and entertainment law in Chicago, began doing real estate closings for Mr. Brown almost as a favor. On some occasions, Mr. Ballentine would be leaving home and Mr. Brown would ask him to do a real estate closing for him that day, if he were available. And Mr. Ballentine would, picking up several hundred dollars in what lawyers call “easy money.”

Referring to Mr. Ballentine, Prof. Ogletree said, “He was a new lawyer, new to his career. The guy says, ‘We want you to come in. You’ll get paid. I just need you to sign these documents. I’ve got the buyer and seller coming.’ He doesn’t realize the folks who were in the same scheme were really lying about really buying property. That’s how he got caught up.”

Prof. Ogletree also explained, “The good thing we’ve heard from one of the witnesses is that Warren didn’t know what was going on and then when he figured it out—this was way back in 2006—he stopped doing it. One of the people who’s now in jail said that.”
The other person linked to Mr. Ballentine is Wanda Rivera-Burton, co-owner of B&W Investments and Property Management, Inc. She handled a home re-financing for Mr. Ballentine’s mother, who mentioned that her son was an attorney.

Ms. Rivera-Burton has pleaded guilty, but is awaiting sentencing. She has signed a cooperation agreement with prosecutors and is working with them to bring cases against others, presumably including Mr. Ballentine, in hopes of getting a more lenient sentence.
Mr. Brown and 33 others were indicted in August 2006. However, Mr. Ballentine wasn’t indicted until Jan. 2013, which Mr. Ballentine’s lawyers view as reflecting a weak case against their client.

Perhaps the most damaging charge against Mr. Ballentine in the indictment was that he allegedly “represented buyers at multiple closings within short time frames, knowing that the buyers were falsely representing that they would use each property they purchased as their primary residence.”

For example, he saw the same buyer on December 30, 2004, February 4, 2005 and February 9, 2005, according to the indictment. He allegedly saw another buyer on Jan. 13, 2005 and again on Feb. 18, 2005.

Atty. Myers said it is not unusual for closing attorneys to pay little attention to buyers they had not seen previously or expected to see again.
“They say, ‘If you don’t know, you should have known,” Atty. Myers said. “If that’s the case, a whole lot of lawyers are in serious trouble.”

According to those familiar with the case, Mr. Ballentine handled about 28 closings for Mr. Brown and Ms. Rivera-Burton, earning in the neighborhood of $10,000 over a 3-year period.
Why would Mr. Ballentine risk losing something as valuable as his law license for just slightly more than $3,000 per year?

According to Attorney Lewis Myers, Jr., he wouldn’t. But until Mr. Ballentine is vindicated, he will have to live with headlines such as the one appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times: “‘People’s Attorney’ radio show host indicted in $10 million mortgage fraud.”
Charles Steele, CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), said, “Warren Ballentine is a man of integrity and has contributed too much to our community for us to turn our back on him.” Mr. Steele added, “It’s really wrong to take his radio show away from him before he has had his day in court.”

Atty. Myers is confident that Mr. Ballentine will be vindicated in court but worries about the impact of losing his radio show and misleading newspaper headlines will have on his ability to earn a living.

“Warren has nothing to be ashamed of,” he said. “Ultimately, I hope that he can overcome all of this and restore his good name and integrity with the public and move on with his life.”

The Manifesto Of Christopher Dorner

It is very unfortunate that the legal system has unjustly served Christopher Dorner. I do not believe that he is a hero and I do not agree with the alleged murders of innocent people. All dates, times and names in The Manifesto warrant in depth investigations by teams of professionals unrelated to the LAPD or any Police Department, for that matter. 
                                                 ~ Nancy Lockhart, M.J.

The Link below leads to The Uncensored Manifesto.

The Nancy Lockhart Show - The Christopher Dorner Manifesto

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Trailer: MUMIA: LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY MUMIA: Long Distance Revolutionary opens February 1st in New York, other cities to follow. Before he was convicted of murdering a policeman in 1981 and sentenced to die, Mumia Abu-Jamal was a gifted journalist and brilliant writer. Now after more than 30 years in prison and despite attempts to silence him, Mumia is not only still alive but continuing to report, educate, provoke and inspire.