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Athens, Georgia --- August 22, 2012 – In depth research on the profoundly ignorant "Legitimate Rape" theory expressed by United States Republican Senator Tod Akin may lead us to reasons that The Cottage and Athens, Georgia Police have not made an arrest in the egregious rape of a 3 year old child. That child, now seven (7) years old would like answers.  Very disturbing is the fact that Mo. Senator Todd Akin sits on the Congressional Science Committee. Science encompasses human anatomy and physiology, Akins obviously did not matriculate. 

Four years ago a three year old baby girl was raped by two adult males who have not been prosecuted. It is rumored that one of the males has subsequently raped another child. According to "The Little Girl", a third man tortured her. Authorities are well aware of who these men are, according to "The Little Girl's" adopted mother. Authorities have also been advised of their whereabouts.

"The Little Girl" has been removed from this criminally abusive home but, has asked her new mother why "children get time out when they do wrong and nothing at all happens to adults when they do wrong".

Attempts to contact the Athens Police Department and The Cottage have been unfruitful. The Cottage has provided services for "The Little Girl" and The Police Department Investigator Ragsdale has been repeatedly contacted. The Cottage holds a statutory and overall fiduciary duty to ensure that rapists are put behind bars and of course officers of the law do as well.  The Cottage, which is located at 3019 Lexington Road, Athens, Ga 30605, presents itself as a 5013c with a mission of providing rape victim services. It is located in close proximity of the Athens Police Department, still yet, The Cottage has refused to ensure that the 2 men who raped "The Little Girl", and the one man who tortured her, are prosecuted.

It is also interesting to note that The Cottage's Wesbite, lists Western Judicial Circuit, District Attorney Ken Mauldin as a board member. 

Please Watch The Video And Take Action For "The Little Girl" Video