Christine Persaud

Show your support and attend the hearing of Christine Persuad on December 16th at 9am. 271 Cadman Plaza East. Brooklyn NY 11201, Judge Elizabeth Stong, 3rd Floor.

Persaud needs to have her day in court. She won the appeal. The court of appeals agrees that Persaud should have her day in court but the trustee does not.
The trustee fraudulently entered Liberty Home Care on November 30th 2011 and demanded the account password to see the account balance.

Black Star News States that - Persaud points to the history of the case and contends there is no need to even place the businesses, Caring Home Care and Liberty Care under the care of a Trustee. Caring Home Care currently generates about $35 million in revenue, Persaud, who founded the business, contends.

On February 8 this year, an intruder entered Persaud's residential building and kicked on her door in an apparent bid, she says, to harm her or intimidate her. Persaud believes the invasion, caught on the building's security camera is connected to her case and describes the person as a possible "hitman." She reported the matter to police. She has offered a $5,000 reward for information about the intruder.